New Striped Bass Limitations in 2020 | How to Certify My Huge Catch?

On the whole Striped Bass thing.  The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council voted on Thursday night in favor of new recreational striped bass regulations for 2020 that would allow anglers to keep one striped bass per day between 28 and less than 38 inches in length. A 38" bass tops out at 25 lbs or so.  ( see ) We can all catch 30 and 40 and 50lb slobs but need to release them.  OK.  Now what? Get a certified scale. I think you can purchase a scale and send it to IGFA to get certified for a year or so. Cost is around $40. I believe you can also have it certified after your catch has been made. This is for scales under 100#. Anything over 100# would have to be certified by your states department of agriculture or another agency that requires certified scales .I am going to get my scale certified.  Last comment.  PLEASE Use a gaff in the lip, most of these pigs roll up sideways to the boat so no need to gaff a 50lb in the gut and think it a ethical release. A huge bass lipped with a gaff has a great chance of surviving if you take the pictures and video in a minute or LESS.  Don't make it a Hollywood 5 minute video.  So if you go the extra yard and have a certified scale on your boat, no crap from anyone about the weight.  I still hate the new rule. Commercial fisherman bang us once again.  We encourage all Captains who rely on such large bass for client satisfaction to ramp up the GoPro and catch and release process!  While here, check out the new GULP! alternative!

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