Coopetition - Our Competition - Great Products!

Hey Guys and Gals lets face it. PlugBait is the new guy on the block. But there are a myriad of other great products and companies in this business many years before us. We salute their efforts and success. ANYTHING that gets more people fishing and enjoying life is all that matters. As the saying goes, there are plenty of fish in in the sea.

Over the short time we have been in business we have met many vendors at trade shows and such who have dedicated their lives to this industry. Most of whom have welcomed our efforts and provided us with sage wisdom, knowledge and experience as a helping hand up. Below is a brief list of other companies that PlugBait salutes and recommends for your review!

Berkley GULP!


Googan Squad

M3 Tackle

And while not a competitor a special mention to NOREAST'R whose success motivated us to get into this business!

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