The PlugBait Story


Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you guys how we got started at                           

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You just cannot make it up! How the hell did we wind up at Dicks Sporting Goods Stores in less than one year? It was supposed to be a hobby.

Then out of nowhere ESPN calls us for a interview! (PG RATED!)

It started as a hobby, certainly not a business, and I did not start the company because I wanted to compete with Gulp or anybody else. I started making this product because I wanted to save myself money. I was getting tired of spending $50 to $100 a day in bait and tackle stores just to go out on my boat and watch bottomfish nip off the tails of my soft baits. The entire process became too expensive and highly prohibitive. Buying soft baits became so costly that It left me with less money for the gas tank on my boat! It got to the point where I was running out of bait or gas. Either way I had to do something. So in October of 2019 I started to produce a sturdy scented softbait and the results were immediate. I was not only catching fish but my baits were lasting much longer (STURDY TAILS) and the realized cost was over 50% less! Since those early beginnings. PlugBait has now become a nationally recognized brand and a darn good and affordable softbait alternative.

The most interesting part of the story is the haters. Not long after we started this thing every now and then on Facebook in the forums we would read some really really nasty posts with F Bombs. Your bait sucks, you suck, life sucks, PlugBait sucks. Side-By-Side with literally hundreds of positive PlugBait reports. That's when we knew we had a winner! :-)

Goodness gracious I never saw that coming. Social Media has been great for us but goodness, there are some people dedicated to our demise. So much hate. I am just selling some baits, not trying to change the world.

We are new, young, a start up. And so it goes. Now at Dicks and that is just the start!




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