How Do you Rig your Plugbait?

Ahoy, Pluggers. Its Captain Jon here. No matter where you fish anywhere in the world the most common way to rig any Grub bait is with a standard J hook or Baitholders Hook. Now poison tail jigs once only known in freshwater. Now local tackle makers are matching different bait companies  matching popular colors. for bigger fish



The smallest are used for ice fishing or fly fishing. The largest for halibut or striped bass. Now a days lots of anglers like to use the Octopus Hook.

The 3/0 Gamakatsu is my favorite for Sea Bass and Porgies. Using a Hi -lo rig with PlugBait grubs and piggy backing with clams or squid is a great method. Young Mason was using a one of my rigs when he landed this nice Porgy on a warm day this fall. 


 One of the most sought after species on the East Coast of North America is the summer flounder or as its known in the north, the Fluke. The days of drifting and dreaming, just letting your bait drag, have become less and less. Many anglers are now drawn to jigging grubs of all sizes on as light of a jig head as possible. And they have been out fishing the people who don't jig.

  Your PlugBait grubs work great on bait rigs, drag rigs, or jigging with a teaser on top.  I will have these rigs for sale at our shows. They are tied by me with all the components I have been using for 20 years. You will want to come by in March at the Saltwater fishing Expo in Edison, NJ. 


See you all Soon. 

Captain Jon


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