PlugBait Safety Notice


Plugbait contains natural fish attractant oil for its powerful scent. This oil can be very slippery. Handle with care. Keeping floors free of oil, grease, and slippery materials can prevent slipping, falling and injuries.

We suggest using a fisherman’s rag or towel when using PlugBait with special care and attention to avoid getting oil on any flooring surface. At all times keep PlugBait jars and Double Zip-lock bags closed and sealed properly as seen below.

The best way to avoid spilling PlugBait oil is to keep your containers and packages inside a bucket and avoid kicking the bucket over.  If you spill your Plugbait oil please rinse the deck/flooring surface with water, soap and scrub with a rag to avoid slipping hazards.

Please rinse areas where PlugBait oil has spilled on the fiberglass to avoid staining un-waxed or non-compounded fiberglass surfaces.

Used properly and safely PlugBait will enhance your fishing experience with great catch results. PlugBait has joined forces with Fin-Essence Fish Attractant. Fin-Essence is scientifically formulated to penetrate and flavor natural baits or artificial lures.


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