January 23 at 6:30 PM · Neptune Township, NJ

Got a Report today of good Black fishing (Tog) with Captain Ray on the Mad gaffer out of Shark River, New Jersey. Thank you Sara for trying our baits and landing some ling on the 4" white grub.
Take a trip out with Captain Ray & Captain Alex for Open boat and charter fishing. Black fishing now weather permitting.


Joseph Defalco reported the First Striper caught on Plugbait. 6" glow on a jig head. In the Hackensack River. Thank you for the Report Joe.

3/31/20 Phouphay Salavahn caught The Fist Southern Flounder on Plugbait 4"
Chartreuse @ Smyrna Beach, Florida. Thank you for the report

5/28 Danny aboard Laura Lee Fleet Bayshore, Ny. 8" Plugbait Nuclear Chicken

5/25 Captain Jason out of Keyport aboard the Travler land this nice fish on Plugbait 4" Silver Flake Chartreuse


Timothy Gurnari landed this nice fish aboard on his private boat using our monthly kit Plugbait 5" Glow on 3oz intent bucktail.

5/23 Johnny Lo cal Landed this nice fish on 4" Chartreuse


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